Reed Diffuser

Japanese Cherry Blossom & Sage
Day at the Spa
Cherry Blossom
Wakatipu Passion
Peach Nectar
Grapefruit Cucumber & Mint
Lime & Sandalwood
Cactus flower & sage
Lychee & Black Tea
Cinnamon Orange & Vanilla

Reed Diffuser - provides a powerful scent throw for any room, without a flame or power source. Utilizing a beautiful square glass jar with wooden lid paired with the black reed sticks creates a stylish product ideal for many rooms & options. 125ml volume long lasting 3-6 months dependent on environmental factors

 Japanese Cherry Blossom & Sage - (Japanese Cherry blossomA fresh take on a classic Spring scent - magnolia and rose intertwine with blooming cherry blossoms and in the back hints of tonka bean, cherry and sandalwood add depth and space ((Sage) Clary Sage) has a distinctive herbaceous, earthy, slightly floral scent.

Wakatipu Passion - a unique & invigorating custom blend to relive the beauty and passion of Queenstown, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang & Clary sage.

Grapefruit, Cucumber & Mint - A refreshing yet sophisticated fragrance, ideal for Spring or Summer. Tangy ripe grapefruit and fresh mint are layered with Rhubarb and Lavender for an extra level of complexity and depth, Refreshingly as could be, this fragrance highlights the aromas of a fresh cucumber and green tea perfectly pared with mint leaf, Lemon, Grapefruit and Eucalyptus.